About Us

Looking for Cute Designs and Adorable Finds?

butterfly-1-.pngAt Mummy I Love You, you will discover unique, practical, good quality, affordable and above all cute clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, books and decor for kids 0 – 7 years.

We aim to take the leg (and click) work out of shopping for kids by providing all your favourite children’s brands in one convenient online location.

We aim to stock the most unique and individual things available. However we are a boutique store and rarely stock more than one of each size, so if you see something you like... don’t delay! While the brands and range of items offered at Mummy I Love You may change from time to time, you can be sure that everything we offer comes with a 100% cuteness guarantee.

Whether you are looking for the perfect baby shower, christening or birthday gift or simply shopping for your own little ones, don’t spend hours shopping from hundreds of individual websites to find what you want. Save on postage costs and get all you need at Mummy I Love You – the home to all things cute for kids.


"My what a cute name you have!"

The name 'Mummy I Love You' was inspired by a true story:

Asked by her teacher to write a letter to her parents as part of their English class, Petra's 6 year old daughter simply wrote 'Mummy I Love You.com.au.'

Ahh kids today....isn’t that a sign of the times! We couldn’t help but smile hearts-1-.png