Toosh Coosh Support Seat - Red

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It's a family mealtime revolution! Do your kids sit on their knees at the table or wiggle around? Reduce the stress and mess, comfortable and stylish Toosh Coosh is the answer! Eating with kids can be hard enough without watching them struggle to reach the table. When the high chair is too small, the booster seat too babyish and your child is not tall enough to reach the table - family dining can become hard work. Eating out with children becomes almost impossible with the spills, the mess and the mayhem - so what do you do? Use the booster seat from the car, pile pillows, or stack phonebooks? Now you have an alternative, an easier way with Toosh Coosh. Toosh Coosh Kids' Support Seats are designed for the dinner table. Small and lightweight, you can take them anywhere offering an everywhere, not just at home. Save on cleaning and storage - easy to wipe clean and stackable. Safe and secure - no need for straps, it stays put when child is seated. The Toosh Coosh - Kids' Support Seat is the kid-friendly, parent-friendly, restaurant-friendly solution for children aged 3-8yrs so now everyone can enjoy meal times!